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Stage Coordinator Comment

From stillness, into action

Congratulations to staff and children for the excellent academic results as highlighted in the outcome of the Naplan tests a wonderful achievement, but as the Headmaster said in his interview with the Manly Daily where this success was reported (top Primary School on the Northern Beaches), this academic performance is the outcome of the overall approach at John Colet to the teaching of children.  Our Vision Statement for the school is

.. to make practical the school’s motto Testare de Illa Luce (Bear Witness of that Light – from St. John’s Gospel), by:

         Introducing the children to simple, effective techniques of self-awareness

         Building good character by giving children a moral and ethical framework for living

         Having dedicated teachers teach the finest content; nourishing the children physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; and preparing them for a happy, productive and responsible life.

Our practice this week is Stillness:  if we can step into any action or situation from this point of stillness, then we are far more likely to achieve a successful and pertinent outcome.

This week the Infants children began their Drama lessons with Zoe Emanuel: the prelude to commencing on their Shakespeare presentations for the Infants Shakespeare Festival in August.

And of course the coming week brings the Walkathon.  More news elsewhere.