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Stage Coordinators’ Comment

Great news on the Chess Club front a team of more than twenty children went to Mona Vale School for the Northern Beaches Primary Chess Competition:  the children have to be congratulated on their wonderful performance:  the girls team won their competition and the boys came 5th.  Mi Mi P won seven games out of seven a magnificent achievement, and I m sure that the children both won and lost with good grace. Thanks to Mrs. P for her continuing work with the Chess Club.

Second Class had a wonderful excursion to Narrabeen to study coastal environments and this was achieved  in  spite of the rainy weather, and with the help of three parents.

The children were so excited about the Friday Walkathon, unfortunately due to the inclement weather it has meant that this fundraising event has to be postponed. The rescheduled date will be confirmed early next week.

We are pleased to announce  the appointment of a new member of staff, Ms. Abby Jansen,  who will take over from Ms. Madalaine Renshaw in one of the Lower First classes, alongside Ms Sarah Marley,  at the beginning of Term 2. Ms. Jansen lives locally, yet has taught internationally in London previously as well as here in Sydney. She has a keen interest in cultural understanding and world languages, particularly Japanese. Ms. Jansen is also a committed netball devotee. Miss Jansen’s love and enthusiasm for  teaching was very evident in her interview, sample lessons and subsequent interaction with the children.  We welcome Miss Jansen to the staff.

We continue to practise Respect this week,  and in particular to ask ourselves whether our actions unify or divide. Staff and students are both practising this.  The children have been asked to look at their relationships with other children in the playground and consider whether their actions divide or unite, and if they divide to restore unity and harmony. For the most part the children play harmoniously and nearly always want to restore the balance if it is lost.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress
Mary McKendrick
Senior Mistress