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Straight to work now school’s back

The children settled in very quickly, and in spite of the heat up and down everyone applied themselves and got straight down to work.  Shakespeare resounds around the school, and we are all looking forward to the Primary performances in a few weeks:  don t forget to buy your tickets early (they go on sale on 14th October), and please do encourage as many relatives and friends as you can to come along!  It is so rewarding for the children to see a full audience, and of course it is a wonderful showcase for the school.  This year the Infants children will be treated to performances at school this simplifies things for everyone.
Thursday will see an Introductory Day for next year’s Lower First, and Mrs. Tefay and Mrs. Connell, next year’s L1st teachers, confess to being very excited about meeting their new charges (although they surrender their present ones with regret!).  The parents of this new intake are invited to a morning tea with the Headmaster and Mrs. Donald in the Staff Common Room.      Meanwhile, Lower 1st, Upper 1st and 2nd Class will be treated to an ABC Concert in Ultimo, and will be away for the morning.
Upper 1st parents are also reminded about a class morning tea with the Headmaster on Tuesday 15th, also to be held in the Staff Common Room.
Our focus for the practice of CARE this week is once again school uniform.
There is a changeover period from winter to summer uniform for the first two weeks of term:  full uniform please one or the other.  It is very nice to see all children arrive at school in full uniform:  polished shoes, the right socks, shoelaces done up and shirts tucked in:  hats of course!   The same applies when leaving school, although realistically by then the shoes are not quite so shiny!