Strong finish to the end of IPSHA debating season

JCS hosted Oxford Falls Grammar School for IPSHA Debating today  – the topic was That we should ban school assemblies.
Oxford Fall’s negative team narrowly won the first debate, with the adjudicator saying they had made the points that assemblies unified the community and were a more powerful way of getting out information to students. The adjudicator said the JCS affirmative team made a very strong point that assemblies are a waste of time, that could be much better spent learning things in class, because they described clearly how much time is wasted and showed how it could be better used.

In the second debate, where JCS took the negative side, the win went to JCS in a close fought competition.  The adjudicator praised the affirmative team’s argument about the opportunity cost of assemblies giving teachers less time to plan their lessons, and he thought our negative team’s point that assemblies provide important skills in self expression and attention giving was ultimately more strongly argued.

The adjudicator praised all the teams for their strong rebuttal, clear voices and good use of notes.

There was no PISA sport today so the debates had a large audience of senior JCS students.