Student leaders active in their roles - image  on

Student leaders active in their roles

From the Stage Coordinators, Mrs McKendrick and Mrs Donald

A busy week ahead, from the Primary children’s point of view, the most important event is the Swimming Carnival on Wednesday at 10.45 at the Killarney Swim Centre!  The House Captains are very excited about the prospect this is the first major event of their tenure.  They and their assistants had a meeting with their respective houses to encourage them to show good sportsmanship and do their best.   We hope to see many parents there it is always a wonderful and exciting event.
Also next week is the Reception given by the Board of Governors we also encourage you to come to this to help welcome new parents and to meet members of the Board.  This is in the MacLaren Hall from 7.30 to 9.00 p.m. and refreshments will be served:  this is another occasion where Head Boy, Head Girl and House Captains can demonstrate their leadership and also have the opportunity to serve the school.
Sunday 23rd is the Phillip House Working Bee a wonderful day to get out of bed early and spend time with friends!
Respect our term’s focus in the practice of the School Values – this week concentrates on the question:  Is this action considerate of the happiness and comfort of others?