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Talking about COVID-19 in Health

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This week in Health in 3B we discussed Covid-19. What it is, why we are taking precautions and how we can keep ourselves safe and healthy. We did an experiment to show how soap effects germs. We put ground pepper (representing the germs) into a bowl of water. A student stuck their finger in and the pepper stuck to their finger. Next a child dipped their finger into soap and then placed their finger into the bowl and the soap repelled all the ‘germs’ away. Next the children asked what would happen if we tried hand sanitizer. We tried it again and the same thing happened!

With so much change and difficulty in the community our focus is on providing a calm and normal environment at school where the children can work and play happily. In our Philosophy lessons we have been discussing Sat Chit Ananda Truth, Consciousness and Bliss, and practising falling still and being at peace in the Pause.

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend,
Ms Bell