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Teachers’ good advice

Our teachers are in email contact with parents and students alike this week, as most of our students are staying at home for their lessons.  Typically, our teachers email parent and student groups first thing in the morning to get the school day rolling.  Here’s an example from one of our teachers in the Infants years…

Dear Parents,
Good Morning and thank you for the emails yesterday. I am attempting to get in touch with each one of you over the week to check in on how you are all managing in your own unique way as I know all of your situations are different. Today’s schedule is straight forward enough with the addition of Science below. The Science and History will be included in next week’s schedule to avoid extra emails. We are just finding our way.

Dear Children,
Good Morning and welcome to another day of school at home. I have 6 photographs of you working at home so far. I am loving to see how and where you are managing to complete your Maths, Writing, Spelling, History and today, one of our favourites, Science!  Remember to respect those who are helping you and to welcome a few challenges as you learn. Remember also that when there is a little challenge we have the opportunity to learn. Good luck today and enjoy!…

And from one of our 6th Class teachers…

Dear Parents
An interesting week here at JCS without the children! It is a very quiet place but still so much to do! I have been busy preparing resources and answering the children’s emails. Their requests have been both entertaining and varied but there are signs of a new independence beginning to grow! It has been an enormous learning curve for us all and one which will continue to adapt and change over the upcoming weeks. I am super proud of how the children have embraced this change and their ability to rise to new challenges is truly amazing.
I also want to thank all of you, for the tremendous support you are providing at home. I am sure you are being bombarded with cries for help as the Internet fails or the printer decides to give up. It must be tricky trying to juggle your own work as well as theirs! I have endeavoured to provide work which can be done mostly independently but may need your help when it comes to returning it via email or uploading it on to a new platform. I am thankful that at times like this the children show their ability to deal with technology as natives rather than visitors!