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It’s good to learn to forgive

Over the past two weeks we have been practising forgiveness.  This mainly arises in the children when there is a dispute or some kind of disharmony.  Most of the children have a very forgiving nature anyway, but it’s good for them to be reminded and it’s a wonderful asset if they can manage to continue to practise forgiveness as they get older. Forgiveness does not necessarily remove the consequences of accountable behaviour, but dissolves resentment, anger and disharmony for both parties.
It’s been a week rather dominated by Shakespeare and the school has been resounding with words of the Bard.  So much effort is put into this Festival by teachers, children and parents, both on the frontline and behind the stage as it were, and to such magnificent effect.  The breezeway lunches which have been necessitated by the Festival, have proved very popular, and the children have enjoyed the slight picnic atmosphere of eating outside on the lawn.  Thanks to Donna and her team, who seem able to meet all contingencies and still come up smiling!
Uniforms are looking better:  please keep up attention to this very important aspect of the School’s presentation.  We are especially looking for full uniform and a neat and clean presentation.  Leaving the school in the best possible condition can be a challenge after a day at the coal face!

Mrs. McKendrick and Mrs. Dunn have left for the Plato Summer School in Delphi.  Any Primary issues can be discussed either with the Headmaster, or Mrs. Donald.

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The artworks this week are from two 4th class D students: Impressionist style vases of flowers, seen through the green shutters of the artist Monet’s house.  Lovely work!