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Teaching children to stick at things

Steadfastness so important

The Infants Shakespeare Festival was a resounding success, and as usual, nothing short of miraculous! 

Top marks to the class teachers, the Drama teacher, Miss Emanuel, and the many helping hands who provided costumes, props, hair and make-up and also the delicious suppers at the evening shows.  The office staff also played its part in providing the venue, setting up the new stage and backdrop and selling the tickets.  Mrs. Moor and her intrepid team did wonders in providing Breezeway Lunches three days in a row, so the Hall could remain set up for the show, and parents didn t have to be called on to provide packed lunches on top of everything else! It certainly was a wonderful event and judging from the smiling faces of parents and visitors, everyone involved thought so.  The children were praised for their flair, courage, steadfastness and discipline.  I am sure that you would agree that these were the qualities shown.

Now roll on the Primary Shakespeare Festival & &. Practice is already well under way!

The school photos were taken without a hitch, and once again, the children are to be congratulated on their behaviour.  The photo team told us that the children were polite and co-operative.

We are now practising STEADFASTNESS.  This means sticking to things:   our values, keeping promises, seeing a job through, completing a task even though we don t much like it, being faithful to friends and holding to the Truth these and much more.  It is so easy to change our minds when things don t go the way we like.

There have been quite a few absences this week staff and children – and we wish everyone a quick recovery.

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5th class has been growing cress in egg shells, making hairy heads.  Great fun!