Once more unto the breach...it's Shakespeare Festival time again! - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

Once more unto the breach…it’s Shakespeare Festival time again!

Six year old monsters inhabit Shakespeare’s island at John Colet School, where, every year every class puts on one of the Bard’s plays.  This year the Kindergarten classes show how All the World’s a Stage from As You Like It, 1st class takes us to a magic realm in The Tempest, and 2nd class brings the dark witches alive in the harrowing story of Macbeth.  

The older classes will be performing at Glen Street Theatre later in the year.

“The children see this as a real highlight”, says Headmaster Gilbert Mane, “They give it all they’ve got and when John Bell, of the Bell Shakespeare Company comes to visit, he is always delighted with their performances.”

The school has been producing these plays for nearly twenty years.

“It introduces the children to great words, great literature, and it fills them with self-confidence,” says Mane, “and, of course, it is great fun for everyone involved.”