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Team building – what the younger children will learn this term

The skill games will also develop Audio Processing and Hand-eye co-ordination. 

Equipment to be used: Balls of all sizes, Cones, Mats, Skittles, hoops, Kanga Cricket set, bean bags etc. All children to have the correct sports uniform with sand shoes, hats & bottles of water each.

Aim: To Introduce basic skills of team building activities, in a safe way, including listening, communication, passes, catching, spacial awareness, awareness of how to interact with others, ball, bat games and co-ordination skills.

Objectives: To teach basic ball skills through the idea that ball games are on the whole, team games; introduce basic rules relating to skills; relate skills/rules to simple small-sided conditioned games; and assess pupils on skills and rules

These skills will also incorporate the PDHPE Syllabus for Early Stage 1 and will encompass understanding of communicating, decision-making, interacting, moving and problem solving.

Skills to be taught: ball skills, passing, controlling, dribbling, shooting, hitting when in batting games, footwork, balancing, weight distribution, communication in team activities and understanding of sport.

Each lesson will consist of a warm up & stretch, exercise, game situation and warm down and discussion.