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Teasing seedlings

Hello and welcome to the last garden club note for term 3. 
The weather has certainly kept us on our toes this term, but the garden club have rallied! 

Last week we planted some seedlings around the teepee. Theresa showed us all how to gently ‘tease’ the enmeshed roots to separate the seedlings. Many had been pot -bound.

Cassie became our expert ‘teaser’ before the small plants were dunked in the wheelbarrow in a pungent solution of blood and bone, and seaweed. Some of us went home ponging a bit, too!

The kids really enjoyed it, and today we have more seedlings to plant and hopefully time to plant some seeds and nurture them over the break.

Garden Club will continue next term on Fridays, as that is the best day for Theresa. She is a wonderful teacher and knows a lot about organic gardening!

Next year we can look at having Garden Club on a different day.

Classes are open to book on Doodle.com. Here is the link.

Please come along and support the garden club. It was set up for the children and the school and is at the same low price of $10 per child this term.

I am also looking for a few garden helpers to help Theresa this term, as Carlo and I have to head off to sport on Friday afternoons and won’t be able to stay every Friday.

Please email me if you can come along for one or more Fridays. It all helps!

We are looking to expand the garden with a bush tucker garden and perhaps some fruit trees. It would be great if this can be organised to coincide with the next Sunday working bee. Any suggestions and help please contact me.

Linda Zanella