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Term 3 opens with Teachers’ Day

At the start of Term 3, John Colet School celebrates Teachers’ Day.  With the simple act of giving a flower, the students honour the people in their lives from whom they learn.  We hold a special assembly, at which class representatives read out tributes to teachers and learning.  Then a class, this year it was 4th class,  visits Wesley Gardens Aged Care to give out bunches of beautiful flowers to residents. 

Here is a typical tribute presented by a 4th class student…

Teachers are an important part of everyone’s life.  Teachers help us learn and learning helps people get jobs.

To teach means not to just boss children around, making them recite times tables.

I have had many teachers in my life, like my Mum and all my teachers at John Colet. My most important teacher is my Dad because he teaches me tricky maths in a fun way.  He is caring, supportive, helpful and kind.  He makes learning fun and he believes in me and I respect him.  That is why he is so special to me.

Teachers are important because they teach me in a kind way.  They open the door for us.  They teach us to love learning.  They encourage us to walk through the door.  This Teachers Day I want to thank everyone who has ever taught me.