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Terrific Chess Results

Some very exciting news to report about our 4 fantastic teams who competed in the Primary Schools Chess Competition on Fridays after school during Term 2 and early this term. The final standings are as follows:
Rookie Team
(Chi Chi P, Dominic S, Scout H, Xavier S, Sebastien Sir)

  • Finished in 1st place with 24 points!
  • This team lead their grouping from the 3rd week and never looked back.  Many of the team are relatively new to chess so this is a particularly thrilling result!

Championship Team (Keshav M, Ryan B, Elliot L, Jarod C, Daya C-H)

  • Finished in 3rd with 17 points.  There were only 2.5 points that separated 1st and 3rd, so a very tight competition and the closest result of all the divisions.

Intermediate Team (Sean B, Yasha B, Samuel L, Rex F, Brigitte S)

  • Finished in 3rd with 24 points.  This team had to play at least 2 more games than our other teams due to the popularity of this division.

Rookie Junior Team (Nathan C, Jeremy R, Harry P, Mi Mi P, Liam McW)

  • Finished in 3rd with 18.5 points.  To have this success at such a young age is very exciting for the Chess Club.

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to all of these students.  All of the teams were new to their level of competition which makes the final results even more impressive.