"My son graduated from John Colet in 2015 having been there since 2009. His father and I were naturally a bit tense as our eldest headed off to High School for the first time, but as it turned out we had nothing to worry about. While we were always happy with his schooling at John Colet, it is especially now that we can fully appreciate just how well he has been prepared for High School. Our son’s enjoyment, confidence and his ability to adjust to High School I feel are a wonderful testament to the amazing learning environment at John Colet. It has put my mind to rest that his little brother and sister will also be able to make this leap with confidence.”

Parent of recent graduate

Elliot’s first term at John Colet School

Elliot came to John Colet School in 5th class, after four years of trying different schools and different settings in search of a school that was right for him. By the end of the first week he whispered in my ear that he’d hit the jackpot: he’d finally found a place where he really belonged. The only bad part, he said, was that it had taken us so long to find it.

Elliot had been concerned about many things before he started John Colet - the formal uniform, the sit-down lunch, the fact that all the other children were bound to be so far ahead of him. But once he started, we never heard mention of these worries again.

Instead, we had daily reports of maths lessons that felt more like games, friends who really looked out for each other, the thrill of learning an ancient language, and of teachers who tailored their lessons to meet the passions and interests of the children, and not the other way round. “I don’t know how the teachers do it,” Elliot said, “but school is actually fun.”

In the past, Elliot had never talked much about school. It’s clear to us now, with hindsight, that he had zoned out quite early on in his academic career and had never felt particularly engaged or stimulated in the classroom. By contrast, now we have a child who never stops talking about school. It’s only been a few weeks, but it’s as though we are seeing a brand new Elliot – the best, happiest version of himself – and we couldn’t be more grateful to John Colet for helping us find him.

Georgia and Lewis. Parents of Elliot.

We're delighted to recommend John Colet to other families who are looking for a warm, welcoming school for their children. We have two boys who have already completed their primary education at John Colet School, and twins who are currently at the school. We've been John Colet school parents for 11 years and have five more to go!!

Our children have been well educated in the broadest sense of the word. They have especially enjoyed and benefited from all the excellent drama and singing teaching. They have made lifelong friends and so have we parents. The school community is strong and makes all comers feel a part of the school quickly.


I have two children at John Colet and I can confidently say that it is an outstanding school. The teachers have nurtured and enhanced my children’s inner confidence and love of learning. In fact my eldest son, who was previously struggling academically and socially at another school, has gone from being told he was not a natural student to now, after years of being at John Colet, being accepted into a highly academic selective school. This is something I 100% credit John Colet for. The teachers and community have transformed him and brought out his best potential. My other son is also benefiting from John Colet’s fantastic education system and the nurturing environment... so I can see it is consistent for various personalities and capabilities.

I should note that John Colet take a very different approach to most schools and it clearly shows in the students results and social confidence. I will always hold the school in high regard and will be forever appreciative for their care and attention to my children.

Bernadette Cullen

As involved grandparents, my husband and I could not be more delighted with the choice of John Colet School for our six year old grandson.

Our son and his wife moved to Forestville, specifically, as they had heard glowing reports of this tiny, bush school. Our grandson is gifted and his parents required a school which understands the needs of such a child. Since kindergarten he has been offered a privileged curriculum which extended to Latin, French, Religions of the World, Chess Club, Pianoforte, Shakespearean plays and myriad subjects and sports to suit every need.

This year the Extension Programme recognised that this particular child would benefit from an acceleration twelve months ahead of his age - he was eased into the fourth term of this new class in a most sensitive manner and appears to have settled well. He continues to be closely monitored.

In twelve months our youngest grandson will be entering this school and is anxiously awaiting his turn in the classroom. Younger siblings are welcomed throughout the school, which makes for ease of school life when the time arises. All teachers appear to be most approachable and grandparents are recognised for the important role which they play in these young lives.

The strict uniform code and an emphasis on fine manners engenders a sense of pride and caring throughout the school which, hopefully will carry through to adulthood, thus turning out worthwhile citizens into the community.

Well done, The John Colet School.

Margaret and John Cox

Our son started at John Colet in 4 years ago and our daughter this year. We think the school is doing an amazing job! Our children have different needs and personalities and the school not only meets those needs but often exceeds. The kids love their hot lunches (and I love not having to pack any J). The School has a wonderful community and we have made many friends. JCS has so many qualities, and the traditional school values, pausing before and after lessons and the enriched curriculum are all factors that we feel really contribute to the children becoming very well rounded, self-assured individuals.

We are Catholic & regular Church goers, and we love that JCS expose their pupils to many religions, just like the real world out there. Over the last 2 years my Son has been going through the Catholic Sacrament program with several classmates, a few parents were happy to run the program, and the Headmaster was very happy to accommodate us, so we held the Sacrament classes at school. We even had a couple of children attending from other local schools where our time slot was a better fit for them.

Our Son is now in Primary and has grown in confidence, has a great work ethic, and got great NAPLAN results! After my daughter’s first Shakespeare performance this year, we had the pleasure of watching her grow in confidence, reciting many parts, then before school one day she grabbed a Wiggles guitar, got down on bended knee to her big brother and recited “shall I compare thee to a summer’s day…….” it was comic genius and for a shy little girl it was a huge boost to her confidence.

Carolyn Lambert

George started school 2013. Picking the right school for him was important to us as parents. We felt the early years were the most important and an opportunity to lay the foundations of a healthy interest in learning. Knowing George like we did, we felt if George was happy in his school and kept engaged he would just fly . This has proven to be the case.

There is a wonderful balance of caring and nurturing in the school environment with a strong foundation around values, behavior and consequences to actions taken. George has grown beyond our expectations in terms or reading, writing and arithmetic. He loves Sanskrit and sings us a few tunes before he heads off to bed. I often catch him when he is playing on his own in the house reciting lines from Shakespeare. We are left speechless on a regular basis. The portraits of mum and dad, well what can we say, the likeness is there in the paintings of us both. But the best bit was the proud sense of achievement and the look on his face when he presented his works of art to each of us. It was priceless.

George loves coming to school. Keep up the great work John Colet.

Laverne and Steve

We have known of John Colet School (JCS) even before we had kids and witnessed children of friends attend the school and grow into well rounded, respectable and fine scholars in advanced education today. We wanted this too for our children and now we have two daughters at JCS. The beauty of the school and why we are so passionate about it is the commitment from every staff member to deliver more than just a basic academic education. JCS is about building your child's character and grooming them to handle life and not just schoolwork. They do this by exposing them to philosophy, Sanskrit, exposure to several cultures. The kids even participate in Shakespeare productions from Lower First (preschool). Our daughters love going to school and never complain about attending. We would highly recommend JCS if you are looking for MORE than just a basic academic education for your child.

Vik and Chetna Devjee

Having my 5 year old boy reciting Shakespeare and talking to me about Starry Night.
The peace of mind of knowing that my kids are having their serve of vegetables for the day.
The close relationship with a dedicated teacher, the nurturing and loving environment.
Those are some of the reasons that my husband and I believe there is nothing like John Colet School anywhere in Australia.

Mariana P

Thomas commenced John Colet School (JCS) in 2007, when the school only had about 130 children. We chose JCS for its size, warmth and devotion to the education process. The closing decision came when we meet a wonderful teacher (Judith Donald, a founding member of JCS) who would ‘take’ Thomas through all the years. He went through to Year 4 with Mrs Donald. Due to normal school changes in years 5&6, he has been in Mr David McDermott's class, also a wonderfully warm teacher.

All the way through school we have found the teaching methods to be excellent. Tom is a normal, average ‘top of the bell curve’ student. We are thrilled with that because at John Colet if you are at the top of their bell curve you are well in advance of the rest of the State. There were times he needed a little extra help and his wonderful teachers gave it to him without question.

Our passion though is with the attention to pastoral care - the caring for others, speaking the truth, manners, respect and fortitude. Another simple technique is the ‘pause’, which is unique to JCS. To take a moment to connect and reflect has greatly assisted our son be more aware of himself and others.

Another great initiative is the 'buddy' system whereby the new children have an older friend to help them through those daunting first years.

The annual Shakespeare Festival was thought to be a 'bit weird' in the beginning, but we can now see that it is a vitally important aspect to making JCS a very special school. The way that the children actively participate and grow over the years is beautiful to see. It helps them not only in a greater understanding of the English language and the works of Shakespeare, but in becoming more confident with public speaking and performing.

Having a hot vegetarian meal each day was initially foreign to us, but with greater understanding of the school’s ethos, it too is a wonderful addition to our son’s education in the service to others, thankfulness, table manners and sharing. It has also saved us over 1200 packed lunches!

Without question, JCS has built Tom’s character and ethics to a level that is not easily matched in the greater school community. The caring, respect, honesty and thoughtfulness he has been surrounded by will make him an outstanding young adult.

We cannot praise the school enough for what it has done for our son and our family as a whole. We have all learned many great lessons such as perseverance and patience. We have a son who is well informed, kind and ready for high school.

Donna & Vic Moor