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The Beach Is More Fun Than The Pool!


It is certain that the beach is more fun than the pool. I think the beach is the best because there are waves, sand, shells and fish.

Firstly, there are no waves in swimming pools. Waves are absolutely fantastic for swimming through, and on, as when you go body surfing. Moreover, you can use a boogie board or surfboard to ride the waves.

Secondly and surely you can enjoy the sand by using it and walking on it. There are many ways you can use the sand, make sandcastles and dig holes. Definitely, the sand dunes are perfect for riding and surfing down on a board. You could dig holes to make mini pools to play in.

Thirdly, there are lots of beautiful, shiny shells to collect. It is obvious that you can collect many different shells. They can be used to decorate sandcastles or you can decorate craft objects. You may wish to have a shell collection or listen to the fantastic ocean sound coming from inside the shell. Can you find shells at the pool?

Lastly, there are fish in the water. Obviously, you should go scuba diving or snorkeling to see the different kinds of fish. You surely can go fishing with your family or friends. You can also go swimming with the fish. Can you imagine swimming with a dolphin?

The beach is definitely more fun than the pool because there is so much space, you can swim in the waves with fish, make sandcastles and find shells. Therefore, I think you would agree that the beach has infinite possibilities for fun!

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