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The First Fleet

Learning about the life of convicts
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On Thursday 21st February, 4th class went on an excursion to The Rocks in the city.  We are studying about The First Fleet in HSIE and went to learn more about convicts.
We had a tour guide called Vickie and she gave us each some tunics to wear, white bonnets for girls and straw hats for boys.  She gave the Captains and General special uniforms and hats to wear.  She also gave us cards that told us who we were and information about us.  My name was Sarah Bellamy, 18, and I was married to James Bloodworth and we had 8 children.  I was brought out on the Lady Penrith. 

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…I dressed up as Captain John Hunter.  I was Captain on the Sirius which was the ship Captain Phillip travelled on.  I arrived here in 1788 at Sydney Cove.  I am 51 years old and I brought back food to the colony.  They were always happy to see me and I was their hero.

4th class D

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