The Reptile Park – a group recount by 2CC

On Friday 20th of October, Year 2 went on a bus to the Australian Reptile Park at Somersby on the Central Coast. We went there to learn about living things such as crocodiles, alligators, snakes, pythons, frogs, echidnas, quokkas, wombats, dingoes, koalas, Tasmanian devils, cassowaries, bats, spiders, lizards, Komodo dragons, parrots, wallabies, turtles and tortoises. We felt like we were in a rainforest. It was a wonderful experience.

When we arrived, the entrance had an enormous, frilled neck lizard statue above the gate. We entered and found Mrs Connell. After that we found the picnic tables and a gigantic frog statue made from miniature, multi-coloured, mosaic tiles. Then we ate our recess food and went on an interesting and educational walk. On the walk we saw alligators, and a cranky, huge crocodile called Elvis. While on the walk we also saw echidnas, koalas, flying foxes, tiny quokkas, birds, Tasmanian devils, water dragons and snakes. Hugo the big, slow tortoise had cracked his shell and was wearing a giant bandage wrapped around his shell.

Then we had lunch back at our picnic table base. Soon after we went to the extraordinary playground with its fun swings and spinning rope cone. Afterwards both classes went to see a show where we learned lots of interesting information about an albino corn snake called Snowflake, a koala named Petal, a huge python called Fluffy and baby alligators. Then we went inside a fake crocodile’s mouth and into The Lost World of Reptiles. Finally, we went to Spider World where we saw many different species of spiders.

It was a fun excursion and we learned lots of facts about animals and their habitats. The entrance to the park was amazing, the koalas were adorable, the Lost World and Spider World were terrifying and exciting! We would highly recommend this excursion to all classes, schools and families!

2CC students