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The science behind pulleys

In Science this week, 6th class had a pulley lesson with Mr Layton.  We learnt that with the help of a pulley and friction, we are able to pull heavy objects with ease.

Activity 1
This activity was for two small girls (Rebecca and I) to play a game of tug-a-war against four of the boys.  We had the end with the help of the pulley.  So we all tugged as hard as we could.  Unfortunately the four boys lost to the two small girls which showed everyone GIRL POWER.

Activity 2
Activity 2 was the same as Activity 1 but using different people at each end.  For example, all boys against all girls (girls on the pulley side) and three boys against the whole class.

Activity 3
This Activity was to show that someone using only one hand can stop everyone from tugging on the rope.Three girls on the pulley side and three boys on the other side.  Using one hand, India squeezed all the ropes while we were tugging and this stopped everyone from pulling.

Activity 4
This involved all ropes attached to a car and the whole calss pulling at the pulley end trying to pull the car up the driveway.  All of us pulled as hard as we could and the car started moving.  At a certain point the people at the back had to move to the front.  This is when we found the load is heavier at the front than it is at the back.

Activity 5
This was to hold the car in place using two hands.  So three people squeezed the rope as Mr Werner (who was in the driver’s seat) let go of the brakes.  We were able to hold the car in place.  When one person let go the rope started squeezing our hands.

By Eden T
6th class