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The third part of the John Colet School Creed considered

This week we are considering that part of the School Creed which recommends that we learn about the Universe.
This is a simple one (although not necessarily easy!)  The universe is a highly complex mechanism of interacting material and energetic forces; but it is governed by a few simple principles.  There is the law of attraction which can be seen in the form of gravity and magnetism, but also as love and friendship.  
There is the principle of exchange of substances where everyone and everything provides food and support for everything else.  Plants feed us with oxygen, and we supply them with carbon dioxide.  And this also works on a subtle level we provide love, and happiness, and encouragement to others; and we find that we receive these in return.  On the other hand if we approach people and events with suspicion, anger and selfishness we will find our lives become, in Shakespeare’s phrase, cabined, cribbed, confined, bound in .
One formulation of this rule is do unto others, as you would have them do unto you . Another way of putting it, which Leon MacLaren often used, is:  Give what you think you lack.
On another front of learning about the universe each class is going to institute Fun Facts activities and quizzes, because we would like all children to have good general knowledge:  continents and countries; rivers and mountains; planets and constellations; famous men and women.  You may like to join in by testing their general knowledge and your own.
Here’s one: what is the longest word in English with one vowel?  (Hint: it has 9 letters; and the first and last letters are the same; and the vowel is e ).