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The Voice at John Colet School


Woolworths Earn and Learn, sponsors of The Voice, surprised the school on Tuesday May 22nd with a van full of literacy, art and music equipment for the school to help in the fire recovery effort; each item gift wrapped with Earn and Learn wrapping paper. 5th and 6th class thought they were having a special singing practice which may be filmed for some publicity. The producers asked us to keep the details of the event secret so the children were genuinely surprised. We started singing scales and some usual songs and then there was a knock at the door and who should walk in but Ricki-Lee Coulter followed by the six contestants from Team Keith. Forming a human chain, they passed all these gifts from the van to all the children. We were so proud of our students who, without direction, waited until all the gifts had been distributed before chorusing in unison “Thank You!!!”

Everyone – the celebrities, journalists from Channel Nine, Manly Daily and the Daily Telegraph and all the crew looked genuinely impressed and touched by their manners and gratitude. Woolworths Earn and Learn have donated about $7000.00 worth of equipment: sets of readers and other literacy materials; art supplies such as an easel, canvases, paints, coloured pencils, quite a quantity of A3 and A4 coloured card and smocks; some small student white boards; click together puzzle pieces for building; two glockenspiels, six maracas, a full drum and cymbal kit, bongo-style drums, tambourines and other percussion instruments. The room looked like Christmas morning with wrapping paper and gifts everywhere. The celebrities moved freely around the children playing the instruments, talking to them and admiring the equipment. There were autographs a plenty!

Woolworths and The Voice were moved to contribute to the school’s fire recovery effort in a tangible way. It was an exciting and joyous occasion with such a generosity of good will, love and of course very useful equipment. 5th and 6th class represented the school with a natural and open friendliness, intelligence and humour. All our guests commented repeatedly on how well behaved and polite the children were.

Sarah Mane
John Colet School Choir Director