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The week that was in Second Class

The week that was in Second Class - image classroom-2.jpg-web on

2C enjoy exploring addition and subtraction and working on problems using dice, blocks, counters and revising our number facts to ten, twenty and up to the hundreds. In Writing we are developing our understanding of persuasive writing:  a point of view, arguments and reasons for those arguments. We considered the arguments for ‘A Dog is The Best Pet’. We worked collaboratively with Mr Sjoquist’s help as we investigated grouping animals into Mammals, Insects, Fish and Reptiles. The children came up with several questions – Is a shark a fish? Is a snail an insect? Is a dolphin a fish? We also began creating our own detailed map of the school in Geography, including a Key with our design for symbols to record on our maps.

Spelling has taken on a new enthusiasm for the children this week. On our Staff Development Day, we teachers updated our training in ‘Sound Waves’, our whole school spelling system. The children are now using their bodies to move as they make the vowel and consonant blends or sound of the week. We then use a segmenting tool online to recognise the sounds in each word and finally use this knowledge to complete the tasks in work books.