Things to do at our Open Day, Sun 26 May, 10am - 2pm - image  on

Things to do at our Open Day, Sun 26 May, 10am – 2pm

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  • 10am – 11am – See our students perform Shakespeare, recitations and singing on stage
  • 11am – See The Vegetable Plot perform at Top House, free.
  • 11am –  See a  Fencing demonstration by students on the main stage.
  • Buy brunch from our French Cafe and coffee from Black Ops Coffee.  Lemonade stall by our friends at Ralston street shops.
  • Choose your favourite cake in our Cake Baking and Decorating Competition on the upstairs verandah.  Bid in the silent auction to take a great cake home.
  • Buy cakes and slices at our P&F cake stall.
  • Buy a sausage sandwich at our vegetarian BBQ, up near Top House
  • Buy books at our Book Fair in the Library.
  • Tour as many classrooms as you can!
  • Play games of skill and daring with 6th class at their games stalls.  Bring lots of gold coins to pay them!!
  • Get a free photobooth picture taken with your friends (or your Mum and Dad!)
  • Visit our art room, see wonderful art by our art teachers.  Get a quick sketch drawn of yourself by our talented sculptor-in-residence!
  • 12 Noon, buy great vegetarian/vegan food by our Chef and his team. Watch The Lachy Hamilton Trio perform jazz on stage, free.  Play chess on the lawn.
  • 1pm – check how your bids are going at the Silent Auction of cakes in our Cake Baking and Decorating Competition.
  • Hop on a Fire Engine and meet some firefighters from the Belrose Rural Fire Brigade
  • Get your face painted for free at Top House.
  • 1pm – Watch the The Vegetable Plot perform on the main stage, free
  • Jump on the free jumping castle at Top House, ideal for littlies!
  • Jump on the ninja balls jumping castle on the Eora playground, ideal for bigger kids, free
  • Meet some reptiles up near Top House with Crocodile Encounters, free.
  • Play tennis and ball games with our friends from Evolve Tennis, also at Top House, also free.