This headmaster sounds like a real character! - image  on

This headmaster sounds like a real character!

The one in the quiz, that is

One of the many inspiring things that Shantananda Saraswati tells us is that love is the limitless, abundant binding substance of the universe.  And it is the natural first response we all have to anything we encounter.  Of course emotions and thoughts other than love can crowd in almost immediately, nevertheless love is the first and the fundamental emotion.

One helpful way of conceiving of this is to imagine Love to be a limitless ocean in which we are all swimming, which surrounds us and interpenetrates all of us and links us all equally.

The teachers have been mindful of universal love this week.  We have been remembering to allow this love to work its magic in the classroom where the relationship of teacher and student is so important.  Where the atmosphere in a classroom is cold and distant and lacking in humanity, then the teaching and learning will hit all manner of road blocks.  Where there is affection and warmth then the learning takes place in a bright, enthusiastic and effective way.  

Maths, English and Science go better with a little love.  Happily this is well understood and wholeheartedly put into practice by all the teachers.

Answer to last week’s quiz: Northernmost point of mainland Australia: Cape York, Qld
Southernmost point: South Point, Wilson’s promontory, Vic (distance to Cape York 3,180 km)
Easternmost point: Cape Byron, NSW
Westernmost point: Steep Point, WA (distance 4,000 km)
Southernmost point in Tasmania: South East Cape, Tas (distance to Cape York 3680 km)

This week’s question:  1. Which founder of a major Australian Independent school was variously a poet, journalist, schoolmaster; and was also a bigamist, was convicted and gaoled for manslaughter, falsely claimed to be a clergyman, fought at the battle of Trafalgar, and was convicted and transported to NSW for forgery. 2.  Which school did he found? (Hint: the answers are not Mr Mane and John Colet School)

This headmaster sounds like a real character! - image 2011-headmaster-photo-blogg on

Gilbert Mane