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This week in 6th class

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Year 6’s week began with a brilliant incursion about the moon, celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission when man took his first steps on the moon.  The experiments were very bold involving fire and rainbow explosions.  It was an exciting hour!

Year 6 children were introduced to a new Science assignment where they can choose between designing a sustainable watering system for plants or a water trough for animals.  They will present their ideas on a poster.

The children have demonstrated their usual resilience working through any confusion about their Geography project and for the most part are now enthusiastically producing some excellent work. Their inquiry question ‘How do places, people and cultures differ?’ requires the children to produce a gap-year itinerary for a student wishing to explore the diversity of Asia. They have been researching their allotted countries this week, and collecting a variety of geographical data to help decide where to send the gap student, what she should visit and when. They will then focus on a chosen city, and later choose another region of Asia.

The children are loving their Shakespeare rehearsals and we are nearing the end of the plays with Miss Emanuel – once the plays are blocked we refine and practise. 6K students are having lots of fun with their play as we have a number of natural born comedians in the class, and the costumes are stunning. 

Today we began our new English unit and listened to Malala’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech.  It’s a 26 minute speech to which the children easily listened.  Almost the whole class was very inspired by her words and one of the boys stated that it gave him a whole different perspective on education as he d suddenly realised that it was something to be valued!  A wonderful moment in the classroom.

And finally this week our French language students have been practising talking about pets and animals.

– 6th class teachers