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Introducing Kim Mann
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Introducing Mrs Kim Mann who is running the infants readers programme while Mrs McKinley is on long service leave. You may recognise her as she was at JCS last year as an aide in Miss Cipollone’s 2nd class.

Mrs Mann is a wonderful and skilled teacher, but it’s her ability to speak the language of compliance , honed over 12 years in a government compliance and project management role, that has seen her also take on a tough project within JCS &

That project is overseeing the documentation in relation to compliance for the Registration process. All non-government schools are inspected by the Board of Studies, Teaching & Educational Standards (BOSTES). Every five years things like our curriculum and teaching programmes, policy documents and facilities are assessed by inspectors for evidence that all policies are being complied with. Massive changes to inspection in the past decade have placed huge emphasis on documentation and increased mandatory requirements for non-government schools.

Mrs Mann is working with Mr Mane, Mrs Condos, Mrs McKendrick and Mrs Layton, who is managing the project, to prepare for the day-long inspection process which takes place at JCS during July.

We take the process of Registration seriously and each time we’ve been granted the maximum five year certification period. We use inspection as an opportunity to make good quality improvements, not skim by on minimal compliances, said Mrs McKendrick.

Mrs Mann has a Master’s in Education as well as post graduate qualifications in Education and Policy and Compliance.

One of her first teaching roles as a newly qualified teacher was as Assistant Boarding Mistress at a school in Devon, UK, for three years. This was followed by blocks of casual teaching at various private schools in Sydney’s inner west. During the 90s, she was the PDHPE coordinator of a K 10 Armenian School, one of only two non-Armenian teachers on staff.

Then came a desire to work within the system to improve it , but initial attempts to gain a policy role in the education sector drew a blank. So Mrs Mann looked into other pathways into policy, this time in adult education government roles, always with a view to working in the education sector again. Her government role was in managing the training of frontline personnel, ensuring that the department’s staff training programmes were compliant and able to deliver on their outcomes.

That was a huge period of skills building for me in terms of policy implementation, compliance and project management, says Mrs Mann.

Now, the attraction of working at John Colet School part time is to be within a school again, but a school that is a little bit different, not mainstream. After reading about us on our website, she got in touch, and luckily for us, the role with Miss Cipollone became available.

John Colet is a beautiful school, the children are lovely and the teachers are so dedicated. My friends laugh when I tell them I m back at a school, after my exit from teaching 12 years ago. But I m really enjoying my term here and working in this lovely environment, with its multi-layered approach to educating the whole child.