Update from Upper 1st - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

This week Upper 1st (Year 1) has enjoyed writing their own persuasive texts. Each child has chosen their own topic which they felt passionate about. They then each formed a point of view and supported that view with reasons or arguments. Finally, they created a conclusion , which formed their last paragraph of writing. Their writing has been available to view in the classroom all week.

In Maths Upper 1st has explored the language of position and revised time hour, half hour and a quarter past the hour. In Science they created column graphs to show the information they had gathered about Nude Food Day. On Monday they presented their data to the school at Assembly. Upper 1st class Nude Food wrap results were
Tuesday 13 non-recyclable wraps; Thursday reduced to 5 non-recyclable wraps. Upper 1st discovered the whole school total count of plastic on both days and the difference between the totals: 147 less pieces of plastic on Nude Food Day!
Also this week a parent took the class for a special craft activity making miniature Angry Birds . This supported the children’s learning of how to follow a procedure and develop fine motor skills for little fingers.

Lea-Ann Connell