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Update on Gifted and Talented Conference

Enriched learning at John Colet School

And don t we all really know it’s WINTER &!  
On that theme, please check your child’s winter uniform.  Many children have been coming to school without jumpers and looking slightly blue.  Remember that Belrose is a particularly cold spot, and that there can be a drop in the temperature during the day.
Five members of staff have attended a highly informative and successful Conference, hosted by the Dept. of Education, on Gifted and Talented Education.  We hope to see the benefits of this roll out over the coming terms.  Two of the keynote speakers were internationally renowned educators who have specialised in Gifted and Talented education, and have published many well-known research articles and guidelines for teachers, both in books and papers Dr. June Maker and Dr. Joyce Van Tassel-Baska.  Both ladies have developed educational models that are used throughout the world.  This course confirmed the fact that the John Colet curriculum is indeed an enriched one, and we noted that many of the concepts espoused are already in place at our school.
You may be interested to know that Mrs. Toni Cleaves, who looks after the school facilities, also attended a two-day workshop:  on Workplace Health and Safety.
By-the-by, it was so lovely to return to the school after those days away and find it bedecked with flowers they seemed to be everywhere after Teachers Day, and that is over and above the flowers that were taken by Lower First to the Wesley Gardens Nursing Home.  What a treat.  Many thanks to the parents for their generosity.
Fourth class children enjoyed a Greek day earlier this week.  There was much excitement with the John Colet Olympics in which some of the children won bronze, silver and gold medals. There was also delicious Greek food and many enjoyable activities.
This Sunday at the Macquarie Working Bee, a group of interested parties, under the leadership of Mrs. Alexandra Delien, will be supporting the Plant a Tree programme.  A new bush tucker tree will be planted near Top House in the garden bed where a gum tree was recently blown down.  A garden club is shortly to be established.
We continue to encourage and support acts of service to the school and each other, and also to practise Patience.