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Walkathon and Fair on the P&F agenda

1.    Walkathon Update
Katrina B thanked Cherry H for organising the day. She noted that there was lots of joy and happiness in evidence. Cherry advised that the school had already received $3000 of the pledged funds. The first Friday of second term is the cut-off date for sending monies raised into the school. Katrina B asked Cherry H to remind the school community about this cut-off date.
2.    Open Day
–       Fair/Stalls Update By Liz K

Liz K advised that all stalls have been allocated to class parents and that they are all now happy with the allocation. A Fair Newsletter will be circulated this week and the information contained within will also be available on the school website. A one page document (referred to as the one pager ) will also be given to each class parent which will contain all generic Fair Day information as well as specific information for that particular class. Class parents were then asked to distribute this information to all other parents in their class. The page will include embedded links to more detailed information, a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section and a key date section. Liz K advised that the first port of call for any additional information or questions should be the class parents. Liz K’s aim is to socialise the fair and get parents and children excited about the day. A mobile stand will be set up at school that will be used to highlight a number of stalls that will be present on the day. This stand will be moved about the school to promote the fair.

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