Weekly comment from our stage coordinators - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

Weekly comment from our stage coordinators - image singing-at-open-day on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

Cakes, cakes, cakes  …. This week the school has been full of cakes (not that we have heard any complaints):  cakes in the Staff Room, cakes in the office, cakes in the classrooms.  This is, of course, the final echo of Open Day, and the Annual Cake Competition!
We all agree – it was a wonderful event, well organised and well run, and everyone seemed to be relaxed and enjoying themselves.   Many thanks to Lucy B and her team of tireless parents.
One of the outstanding features of the day – besides the wonderful singing, the performances and the magnificent classrooms, was the behaviour of the children.  Disciplined during the performances and beautifully behaved for the rest of the day:  this is a tribute to the teachers and parents in the inculcation of the school values and the encouragement of self-discipline.  The children have been congratulated, and very deservedly so.
A mention should be given to the departure of two wonderful teachers who have made an enormous contribution to the school over many, many years.  On Wednesday, the staff had a morning tea to say farewell and thank you to Judith Irvine and Ann Wakeford.   Judith’s experience in and knowledge of the world of music was offered to students of the school to whom she taught music and choir: always to the highest standard.  The brilliance of the present day choirs is attributable to her work, and also the work of Mrs. Sarah Mane.  Mrs. Ann Wakeford has managed the Special Education facility at John Colet, also for many years.  Her professionalism and caring approach have provided a great service to children in need of support or extension and also to their parents.
Many thanks to both these ladies:  Miss Irvine is moving to the United Kingdom, and Mrs. Wakeford will still be “on call” as a consultant, should she be needed.
The coming week brings several events:  John Colet Day Assembly on Monday – we are expecting some members of the Board of Governors and perhaps one or two other visitors.  Also on Monday at 7.30 p.m. there will be a “State of the School” address given by the Headmaster, Mr. Gilbert Mane.
Sanskrit is “in the air”, as the Sanskrit Competition is to be held on Thursday (heats on Tuesday).  Our Guest of Honour will be the Vice-Consul for India.  We trust that he will be “blown away” by the recitations!  We always are.
Our behaviour focus is Truthfulness, and we, teachers and children, have also been practising a threefold discipline:
•    become still,
•    focus,
•    then move into action as necessary,  from that point.
Try it – it’s a great way to begin anything!