Weekly comment from our stage coordinators - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

Weekly comment from our stage coordinators - image Aneeka on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

It’s definitely Winter!   But a very settled beginning to the term, with the children looking rested and smart in their winter kit.
Our focus with the children, especially in the classroom, is the giving of attention prolonged attention to the task in hand.  This produces a wonderful atmosphere in the room, almost palpable, when everyone is engaged, attentive, and working quietly.  This links in nicely with our Value for the term  –  Always give of your best:  Care:

  • Am I giving full attention?
  • Is it beautiful?
  • Is it well presented?
  • Is it pleasing to others?

Monday is Teacher’s Day, and the children are invited to bring flowers which will be laid before a photograph of our Teacher; Shantananda Saraswati. Some of the flowers will remain in the school, but in line with our tradition, 4th Classes will be going with their teachers to deliver a portion of the children’s offerings to the elderly people in the Wesley Gardens Nursing Home in Wyatt Avenue.

Our long-standing Groundsman, Karl Werner, is leaving us and moving fully into the gardening area. He will be working fulltime for Adam Trevallion, John Colet’s Landscape Gardening contractor: so we will still see him from time to time. He will be replaced by “Mr. Aldo”.

Joining us this term is Aneeka Bartlett (pictured below), a “mini-gap” student from St. James’ School, London. “Mini-gap” because she is only with us for three weeks – she only finished school a few weeks back, and will be returning to the U.K. in Week 4 to pursue studies in Sanskrit. We also have the pleasure of having Tara Blanche this term, a 4th year Practicum Student, who will be working with Miss Marley in Upper 1st.

The stage is up for the Infants’ Shakespeare Festival and the children are rehearsing on it daily. Mrs. Moor has been her usual flexible self in accommodating changes to the lunch room.

Aneeka Bartlett pictured altering costumes for our upcoming Infants Shakespeare Festival.