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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

The Teachers Day Ceremony was beautiful, with the usual cornucopia of flowers, and a conversation between the Headmaster and the children at Assembly on some unusual teachers, such as the Earth:  what does that teach us?  The children came up with patience, abundance, yielding food and plants, and steadfastness.  The Headmaster related that one of our past gym teachers said that the earth was the best teacher in gymnastics, because if you don t pay heed, you land on it in an unfortunate and painful manner!  In a way, anything can be our teacher, if we are alert to it and consider its qualities.

Fourth Class children, with their teachers, paid a visit to the Wesley Gardens Nursing Home across Forest Way and distributed many of the flowers to the people living there, hopefully bringing a little extra joy into their lives.  Some of the flowers stayed at school, and we have all been able to enjoy them.  Thank you to the parents from all the teachers for their continuing generosity.

Olivia Jones, one of our gap students from the U.K., has safely arrived home in Manchester.  Her cheerful and efficient presence at Sport, in the Art Room and in the classroom has already been sorely missed.  We wish her all the best in her studies.  This is a good opportunity to acknowledge the wonderful contribution by these young men and women, who come to us as Gap Students, and offer full and enthusiastic service to John Colet.  We think we can fairly say that they too have a great time, and once again, many parents and teachers have shown generosity and appreciation in their direction.

On Tuesday we had a visit to the School by three members of the local Police Force:  the Infants had a session on Stranger Danger, and the Primary on Cyber Safety.

A very interested group of potential school parents came to an Information Evening on Wednesday.  The Head Boy and Head Girl were great as examples of a John Colet education!
Under the umbrella of our practice of the School Value Always give of your best (care) our behaviour focus is on the giving of attention:  children naturally pay attention to things that interest them, but are encouraged to attend fully to things that are perhaps a little more difficult.

Mrs Donald
Infants Mistress