Weekly comment from our stage coordinators - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

Weekly comment from our stage coordinators - image last-debate3 on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

It’s arrived!  The Infants Shakespeare Festival, that is!  This coming week sees the roll-out of the enormous amount of work put in by Infants Teachers and support staff, literally to get the show on the road .  Break-a-leg all round!   And we have no doubt that all the rehearsing and preparation will bear its usual delightful fruit.  Dress Rehearsals begin on Monday and Tuesday –  Primary classes will be the audience.  Wednesday will be the real thing for Lower First in the morning and 2nd Class in the evening, and the other classes later in the week.

If you are not a current parent at John Colet School reading this, and would like to see the marvellous achievement of 5-8 year olds performing Shakespeare, do call our Registrar Belinda James at school on 9451 8395 and she will arrange your seats.

Two major events took place this week the testing of 2nd and 4th classes by Academic Assessment Services:  this is designed to track the children’s progress in an unbiased way through  their Primary years.  It gives valuable diagnostic information to the teachers.   The staff members from Academic Assessment Services were very impressed with the ability of the children to focus over an extended period.

The second event – a victory for John Colet Primary Choir who were entered, with their Choir Mistress, Mrs. Michaela Miles, to perform at the Ryde Eisteddfod and took 2nd place: there was only one mark between 1st and 2nd places.   The children performed beautifully and their behaviour was a credit to the school.  We must also thank all the parents for sending their children looking very smart and well presented in their school uniforms.

The final debates of the season were hosted by John Colet on Wednesday, and guests at the school were from Gaulston College, the Sydney Japanese School and The Alexander School.   The Japanese School team won against The Alexander School team.  The John Colet team debated against Gaulston College, and a tie was declared so close were their arguments.

Teachers and children alike are enjoined to practise the following sequence throughout the day, whenever remembered:
• Stillness
• Focused attention to the task in hand
• Patience
Try it!

Mrs Donald
Infants Mistress