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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

The Infants children have been back hard at work this week, returning to a more normal routine after all the excitement and upheavals of the Infants Shakespeare Festival:  the lunchroom looks empty without the stage, and Mrs. Moor was heard to give a sigh of relief after all the changes she and her team had to accommodate to get lunch to plate during that time:  ( Many thanks!).

However & the words of Shakespeare, in this anniversary year, have not died away in the School, as the Primary are now fully underway with their rehearsals for the late October Primary Festival at the Glen Street Theatre.

School photos were taken (the process went very smoothly), but due to heavy rain the night before, we were unable to take the outdoor photo of the whole school.  More anon &

We are still focusing on the giving of attention, and the Headmaster was telling the children at Monday’s Assembly that real strength is the ability to carry out what you intend, and weakness is being distracted by passing and unimportant things.  A strong body is useful, but a strong heart and mind carry the day.

On a practical note: wearing of uniform has generally been very good this term, but the children were asked to give a little attention (and polish) to their shoes.  We hope to be dazzled by shiny shoes on Monday!

The Headmaster will be away on leave this week, but Mrs. McKendrick and Mrs. Donald will be in place!