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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

It has been a wet week with Mrs. Moor vacating the lunchroom for indoor sport and teachers and children having Hatchway lunches food taken from the servery and then back to class.  Thank you Mrs. Moor for accommodating this so cheerfully.

This week at the Whole School Morning Tea, put on by the Primary Department, we said goodbye to Lucy Little (Special Ed. Dept.) who has been with us for three years, and the re-organisation of Spec. Ed. will happen when the Headmaster returns from his week of Long Service Leave.  On that occasion, we also said a warm thanks to Geraldine West and Carol Krebs, both of whom has done an extraordinary amount of work, entirely out of the goodness of their hearts Geraldine in the Shakespeare Costume Room, and Carol in the Library.  This was much appreciated by all the Staff.

On the subject of staffing, we will soon be graced by the presence of two new Gap  Students, Olivia Buchanan in week 8 and Adam Black at the beginning of Term 4 both from England.  More anon &..

On Wednesday the Primary children had an in-school event a visit from an Aboriginal Story Teller, and from what I saw, the children were eating out of his hand!  Also, the Amazing Me! evening for 5th and 6th class on Thursdaty, was attended by a record of 90 people.

And now, probably the best news of the week, John Colet Choir went to the Hawkesbury Eisteddfod (for small schools such as ours) and won both the Senior Choral Section and the Whole School Section.  We are absolutely delighted.  Congratulations children and Mrs. Michaela  Miles the Choir Mistress.  Smiles all round!