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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

During this term at Staff Meetings the Mistresses and the Teachers have been reading through some of the School’s Policies partly to refresh ourselves on their content, and also to see if they need updating in any way.  One of the things that has stood out for us is the Discipline Policy (you can read it on our Website) which, amongst other things, sets out the Responsibilities and Rights of the school and staff, and also of the children.  Responsibilities come first because when you exercise your responsibilities properly, you earn certain rights.  This week we will concentrate on the Responsibilities of the School and Staff, and next week on the Responsibilities of the Students.  Thereafter we will look at the Rights.

These Responsibilities are based on the School’s core values Speak the Truth, Always give of your best, Serve all and everything, and  Work together with love, honour and respect for one another.

School and Staff Responsibilities:
1.    To aid the children in remembering the Creator, to live by the fine regulations of Creation, and to discover and unite with God.
2.    To provide an atmosphere which promotes self-discovery, peace and order;
3.    To expose the children to the best available materials, such as Shakespeare, Mozart and Michelangelo, and appropriate curriculum to meet the needs of each student;
4.    To support children in achieving success in learning.
5.    To develop a set of rules which are just, clear and consistently applied.
6.    To comply with all school policies and procedures and any relevant legislation.
As always, consistency at home and school make for a secure and conflict-free environment for children.