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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

Of course the Talk of the Town at present is the forthcoming Gala Dinner:  there is a certain buzz about the school today hope you will all be there!

Excellent news on the academic front:  John Colet children did extremely well in the Naplan, scoring well above the State Average in all tests.  We did particularly well in Reading in one of the classes the children ALL SCORED above the top of the scale!   

As well as these outstanding Naplan results, 6th class entered four children in the Australian Mathematics Trust s  Maths Competition with the following wonderful results:
    Ryan B and Lucas V de S both scored High Distinctions and won prizes
”    Xavier S scored a High Distinction
”    Sean B received a Distinction

How about that!  Congratulations to all these children who have represented the School so well in the public domain.

Staff news:  Mrs. Ann Wakeford has agreed to work with the Special Education Department till the end of the year as an outside provider