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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

This week we are following on from last week by setting out the responsibilities of the children at John Colet School, as enunciated in our Discipline Policy.  Once again, these are based on the School values:   Speak the Truth,  Always give of your best,  Serve all and everything  and  Work together with love, honour and respect for one another.

The students responsibilities are:
1    To be truthful in speech and action and to conduct themselves in an open-hearted, generous and dignified manner.  To deal with others fairly, politely and with respect.  To treat others as one would like to be treated:  with understanding and sympathy, and to refrain from treating others in a way in which one would not like to be treated.
2    To respect the authority of the teachers and staff.  To be well behaved in class and not disturb others.  To keep up to date with class work and homework.  To attend school regularly and to be punctual for school and classes.  To present all work with the greatest care.   
3    To care for the school environment, to keep it neat and clean.  To respect the property of the school and others;  not to steal, damage or destroy it; to ask permission before using it; and to take proper care of it.  
4    To behave at school and in public so that the community will respect the school.  To wear the proper school uniform neatly and correctly.               

Next week we will look at the rights that follow on from the exercise of the responsibilities.
Miss Cipollone and Mrs Dawson with the help of Miss Jackson, have put into the playground and organised the care thereof, the sport equipment that came from the Government’s Live Life Well at School initiative.  Many thanks to them for hoops, ropes, various balls and a cricket set.  5th Class have been tasked with keeping it orderly!  Everyone has benefited.

Following on from this, we look forward to a great outcome from the Walkathon, remembering that the funds raised will be used to introduce fitness stations in the playground.  Many thanks to the organisers.

Also, 6th Class, by popular demand, has this term begun a Sewing Club during lunch break on Tuesdays, with Mrs. Layton and me.  They have started by knitting a scarf and almost all of them have started on tapestry inserts for cushions.  Look forward to some splendid results!  

The girls (alack no boys this year) are thoroughly enjoying it and are very keen.  Actual hand sewing such as sewing on buttons, seams, edging etc  will follow!  We hope to produce a few competent needlecrafters!

Mrs Donald
Infants Mistress


Weekly comment from our stage coordinators - image 2014-sewing-tally-and-mrs-D on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

Tally H with Mrs Donald at sewing club.