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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators


What wonderful generosity in the gift-giving for the First Seeds and Smith Family collections.  The Treasure Chest was overflowing, and I couldn t fit all the gifts for the Smith Family into my boot!  Thank you to parents and children for their contributions.
The Nativity reflected the same spirit of generosity, and was a delightful occasion, attended by a goodly number of parents and siblings.  The children performed beautifully.
The Volunteers   Thank You Morning Tea was another event demonstrating  bounty and giving, and what a wonderful morning  tea was prepared by Mrs. Moor.  The School could not operate in the same way without the contributions and work of the parents.  Schooling is a joint venture!
Reflecting on thank yous much gratitude to the P&F for the money raised by the tea towel sales which was used for some refurbishment in the Art Room.
The new look Art Room is worth a visit with its wonderful coloured custom-built art tables and chest of drawers.  These tables have made an enormous change to the appearance of the room, and somehow they draw the attention to the art on the walls.  The Art Room now has a very integrated feel.   Have a look!

6th Class have been placed in  temporary accommodation due to the movement of classes ready for next year, and they have been much feted by their successors.  Best of luck to them all.   By-the-way, if you have an opportunity to look at their Year Book , please do.  It’s a wonderful publication, beautifully put together by the class and parents.

Looking  forward to seeing you all at Speech Night.  Have a wonderful and safe holiday.

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress