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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

Welcome back we hope the holidays were restful and rewarding, but we feel confident all the children will be looking forward to coming back for the new year, to seeing their friends and teachers and moving into their new grade!  We have 25 new recruits in Lower First with Mrs. McDermott, and about 10 new students throughout other classes.  A warm welcome to new students and their parents.
During the Teachers Study Week consideration was given to the slight change in our Vision Mission and Values the combining of Service and Care into Service and the introduction of Courage and its extended application in the daily life of the School and School community.  It is interesting to consider all aspects and implications of this Value, which we will be doing during the coming weeks: physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual courage.  Although it has always been there as part of our Pantheon, especially in relation to Honesty and owning up, it now takes a place of its own:  Stillness, Truthfulness, Courage, Service and Respect.
Teachers were also working on aspects of Health and Safety, with modules on First Aid and Anaphylaxis (CPR to follow), and then of course their teaching content for the coming terms in this year of review by BOSTES (Board of Studies).
Mrs. Sue McKinley is on Long Service Leave for the Term (enjoy !) and is replaced by a combination of Ms Lauren Russell, picking up Remedial Support, and Mrs. Kim Mann, helping among other things with the distribution of Home Readers.  Mrs. McKinley will return in Term 2.
Best wishes for the coming year!