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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

Courage to speak the truth and the power of forgiveness are still very much resonating around the school, with both staff and children enjoined to highlight these aspects of behaviour.  Forgiveness is such a de-fuser, and in the end leads to a simpler and freer life.

POSTURE:  this is one of my favourite hobby horses, and the children are constantly enjoined to Sit straight and strong .  There are many psychological reasons for doing this, as well as the fact that it enables breathing and digestion to happen with less restriction.   People look better too!  

 Early childhood is the time to learn this it is a great habit, and one that was srongly encouraged in the old days !

To find out what the contemporary researchers have to say about this (hooray!), please follow this link and read a most interesting article which has relevance for every age.