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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

This week the focus for Courage is  Resilience:  the dictionary tells us this means Able to withstand pressure, able to bounce back . 

Isn t this what we would all like?  What a great and worthwhile trait to cultivate in the children!  How do we deal with lack of personal success, or things that do not go quite the way we would like, or in fact go wrong?   How do we deal with disappointment, loss, and how  do we handle things that are a struggle.  All of these require courage and resilience.

A welcome by the Board of Governors for the new parents of the school is on tonight (Friday 20th) at 7.30. Of course all parents are welcome, not just the new ones! 

The event will be attended by some of our 2015 Office Bearers, who will assist the gap students in serving.  We are sure they will shine.  This event also includes brief speeches by the Chairman, the Headmaster, the Treasurer and the Parents and Friends to introduce various aspects of the Schools operation.

Welcome to John Colet!