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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

The Primary Swimming Carnival was a great success, and Phillip House won.  It was a very exciting event the children’s behaviour was exemplary they demonstrated courage, enthusiasm, support for one another and good sportsmanship:  what more could we ask for!  There were slogans and banners, painted faces, cheers the lot!    The children went home tired but happy.  Thanks to Mrs. Renshaw for her organisation of this event.
Our behaviour focus this week is the last aspect of Courage:
Do I step up to protect those in need? otherwise known as sticking up for your mates .   It’s very easy to be a bystander or walk away when a little word would make all the difference.
The Sixth Class have demonstrated this very ably in the playground where we now have shared Infants/Primary Recess:  they have been asked to look after the younger children and help in whatever way they can.  We are proud to say that this is what they have been doing.
Please click this link to read an Action Plan for Road Crossing:  we urge you to read this, and enhance the safety of the children by supporting it fully, both with the children themselves, and also in your own road crossing practices.

Please click this link for a document explaining that our monitoring of attendance is becoming more stringent.