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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

Congratulations to the Chess Club on their very successful participation in Wednesday’s Chess Tournament:  two more such days to look forward to in the next couple of weeks.   A big thank you to Miro, their Coach and to Simone Pietschner who is managing the Chess Club with much skill and enthusiasm.

Another great success you would have heard of was the Greek Day staged with immense inspiration and style by Mrs. Tomicki’s Fourth Class much supported by several mothers one of whom was seen Medusa-like insinuating herself across the Garigal Quad looking very sinister all in black with snakes on arm and snakes writhing out of her hair!    We kept bumping into Greek Goddesses, maidens and heroes all day long.  Most exciting.

Courage is still very much in mind, and the practices will be kept up, but his week we move on to Stillness our first and underlying value.
Know Thyself      Practice:  Stillness
1.    Am I still?
2.    Am I peaceful?
3.    Am I aware of myself?
4.    Am I awake and aware of others?

This value underlies all the others, and it is on the basis of inner stillness that we provide the space within ourselves to bring in responses and considerations based on the other values.  The pause at the beginning and end of lessons is a practice that helps here.  We also stop as a whole school at 11.20 each day and enjoy a moment’s quiet to remember ourselves and everyone else.  You can join in wherever you are!  It’s a subtle connection.