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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

A big finale for the wonderful Jump Rope for Heart initiative by Mrs. Cipollone and 5th Class was held on Thursday afternoon.  As many parents will be aware, there has been much skipping going on and children have sought sponsors to support their efforts.  The Primary children have so far raised in excess of $2,500 for the Heart Foundation, and in the process gained new levels of skill  & &. and hopefully become fitter! 

The Thursday Jump Off event was designed  to showcase the children’s new skills, fancy or otherwise!, and for everyone to have a healthy and very enjoyable afternoon.  Although the Infants children were not directly involved, they were invited to watch and, hopefully, will be inspired to participate next year.

The third in a series of Morning Tea with Head of School was held on Tuesday and well attended by 2nd Class parents, including three new or potential parents of children in that class. This gave those new parents the chance to find out firsthand how parents have found the School., and also to gain a taste, not only of Donna Moor’s delicious catering, but also a taste of the warmth and mutual support of the school parents.  Primary Class parents will be invited to a series of such morning teas next term.

About the Australian Early Development Census 2015
Mrs. McDermott had a day off class to do a large part of the work on the Government Survey on early childhood development.  This survey measures the development progress of children as they start their first year of full-time school, and looks at groups of children in the community rather than at individual students.  This census is used by early childhood educators and health services, local councils and community groups, schools and government to help plan and allocate the right types of services, resources and support for communities.  It seems to be a very useful tool, and John Colet, along with Lower First parents, has been happy to support this since its inception in 2009.

I hear a whisper that the holidays are coming up at the end of this week.  How does it happen so quickly!!

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress