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Weekly comment from our stage coordinators

On Tuesday morning the children seemed cheerful and confident as they prepared to write the first of the Naplan tests.  We wished them good luck, knowing they would do their best and that is the most important thing.  Very relevant here is the week’s practice for teachers and children which is to firstly become still, then focus and then do whatever is required by the situation.  This is a skill for life, and is in fact the only reasonable way to approach whatever faces us.

Another outstanding event in our week was the performance of the John Colet Strings Ensemble at Monday’s Assembly, under the direction of Rosey Davidson.  They played three pieces:  it was delightful and it’s amazing to think that the Ensemble only came together last term.  We look forward to regular future performances.

This weekend the parents of Cook House will come for Sunday morning to help prepare the school for Open Day;  this is in tandem with the enormous effort put in by the teachers, children and especially the Art Department, not forgetting the P&F,  to prepare the school for this annual event and to showcase the work and activities of John Colet School.

The Cyber Safety talk for parents and teachers  on Tuesday evening was extremely informative, alerting teachers and parents to the hard facts about the dangers of the cyber world, and giving advice  and important tips as to how to deal with this very real situation.  Leonie Smith spoke at length and took questions. She was supported by Robyn Jennings of Manly Area Police Command.  These talks are funded by the French’s Forest Rotary and the Dee Why RSL and we would like to offer our appreciation and acknowledge their generosity, also to Warringah Council, who help with printed material.  Leonie has published a book, hard copy and an e-book (ref info@thecybersafetylady.com.au and www.thecybersafetylady.com.au ).  These are available at $20 and $7 respectively.
Leonie and Robyn will be presenting again in our area on 24th June at Mimosa School:  the presentation is highly recommended, and anyone is welcome.

Honesty is a continuing behaviour focus.