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Welcome back to a busy term 4

Northern Beaches Independent School - always busy

Welcome back to school for the last term of 2013! It’s a big term filled with a panorama of preparation and rehearsals for the year-end events, including the Primary Shakespeare Festival, a Nativity performance, Speech night preparation, the school Chess Competition, events marking the graduation of 6th class and other delights such as the Picnic Day.
A few exciting things have happened over the holidays, including the establishment of garden beds for the new Gardening Club (thanks to Ms Delien supported by some funding from the P&F); the move by some of the Administration to premises in Ralston Avenue (just round the block), the imminent relocation of Reception to a new spot in the old Admin Building, and the freeing up of Shakespeare 1 back to a potential teaching space. And all the while the grass is growing in the part of the Eora playground that has been newly turfed!

Always give of your best is the aspect of our Values that we will give attention to this term, and we have distilled this to the word CARE for the children to remember easily. This is reflected in the following questions:
Am I giving full attention?
” Is it beautiful?
” Is it well presented?
” Is it pleasing to others?
Teachers will take this up in the classroom and perhaps this could also be taken up at home!
Care of uniform and the presentation of ourselves as members of John Colet School will be an early focus