from the Headmaster

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to John Colet School. This is a special school and I do encourage you to have a thorough look on our website of all we have to offer, then call for a visit and experience first-hand how we operate.

The education we provide delivers a foundation for our students that prepares them for the wonders and challenges that they will face throughout their lives. As a standalone Primary School we believe that this is the most important stage of education for children. Our unique educational foundation, based as it is on principles of academic excellence, rigour and character development, are taught within a caring, supporting environment of trust.

Our focused teaching, proven methodology and effective delivery of the NSW curriculum has consistently placed us among the top-ranking primary schools in Australia. The success of our program can be seen in happy, motivated children who see themselves as part of a community.

Part of the uniqueness of the school is in the high expectations we have of our students. Each child has great potential and unlocking their unique talents only comes through giving them the very best material, supported by passionate teachers. For example, all classes engage in a stimulating program of classical and modern languages, philosophy lessons and annual Shakespeare performances.

Since its inception in 1985, at its core our school has had a daily program of building children’s skills in attention and focus. In the wider community, often referred to as mindfulness training, our practice of ‘pausing’ builds on our students’ ability to engage, reflect and be present.

We have found over the years that our approach prepares the children for success in high school, and life beyond, and instils in them fine qualities of courage, resilience, fair-play and empathy.

The best way to appreciate the difference of a John Colet School education is to come for a visit. Our students are the best example of what a truly inspiring, well rounded and challenging education can deliver.


Julian Wilcock