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What can we learn from Betty Cuthbert?

At Teacher’s Day recently, students gave short speeches about someone they find inspirational, or from whom they have learnt an important lesson.  The sollowing is Simara R in 5th classe’s speech…

Betty Cuthbert is a modest Olympic sprinter.  She was the first ever Australian to win three gold medals in one event.  Only three other Australians have achieved that goal.  She won them in 1956 in the Melbourne Olympics.  Her first gold medal was in the 100m sprint, second was for the 200m and then the 4 x 100m relay.  Eight years later in 1964, she also won gold in the women’s 400m sprint!

Betty is a perfect role model for Australians of all ages.  At first, no-one believed in her.  No-one thought this lady could win anything.  She wasn’t in the top 15 and she hadn’t won any other competitions let alone the Olympics.  It was only just before the Games that she proved herself.  She won, proving everybody wrong.

Betty Cuthbert helps with an important lesson in life.  She teaches an incredible persistance.  She shows you to push through.  Even if other people don’t believe in you, you can prove them wrong. Betty represents an important message: you can do it.

That is why I chose the magnificent Betty Cuthbert as an amazing teacher. I believe in her.     – Simara R 5K