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What do I love about teaching?

Just some thoughts from some John Colet teachers…

“I love teaching because I have the ability to shape young minds. I love the enthusiasm that children bring to their learning.”

“Not one day is the same, every day is full of surprises, unknowns and inspirational learning moments. ( lightbulb moments.)”

“The innocent mind brings me back to reality at times, remembering their age and experiences and everything that is before them.”

“The students become a part of your life, as we take on the journey together.”

“It is the most rewarding job to be able to shape, educate and build up a rapport with these beautiful children.”

“Watching children light up when they connect with their learning is one of the best parts of teaching. When a child has that moment it’s as though a new door opens and their understanding of the world expands a little more. I find this one of the most satisfying parts of teaching.”

“Connecting with a child’s natural curiosity and finding ways to nurture this is a great challenge in teaching and one that I enjoy. Once a child’s curiosity is sparked it’s like magic, they can take you anywhere.”

“When children in my class rise to a challenge or take on something new and persevere even when they may fail at first and I get to see them grow within themselves I feel very happy to be a teacher.”

“Love being a teacher as you are able to watch students grow not only academically but emotionally, socially and spiritually.”

“Each day is never the same as a teacher, there is never a dull moment. The children like to keep you on your toes!”

“As a teacher I love seeing the ‘light bulb’ moment in a student’s eyes. The determination and eagerness to understand new concepts of the children in my class continues to inspire me.”